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PARCC Results  
Students who took the PARCC in the spring of 2016 should have received score reports via mail in early September 2016.  The score interpretation guides can be found here:  ELA Parent Interpretation Guide  and  Mathematics Parent Interpretation Guide 

Parents/guardians can find  more grade-level learning resources at the following websites:

·         Video explaining the score reports:

·         Additional resources for parents:

·         Information about the PARCC assessment:

·         New Jersey specific information:  
The PARCC is offered by grade level in Language Arts Literacy (9, 10, 11) and by course in Mathematics (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II). Seniors enrolled in a PARCC-eligible course must also take the PARCC test if they have not yet passed the assessment.
Students in Algebra I Part II and Algebra I CPA/CPB will take the Algebra I PARCC.  (Algebra I Part I students will not take the PARCC until next year.).  Students who are dual-enrolled in Geometry and Algebra II will take only the Algebra II PARCC.  Students in all other math classes will not take a PARCC assessment in Mathematics.  
PARCC and Graduation Requirements 
According to the Department of Education, students in the Classes of 2017, 2018, and 2019 are required to demonstrate proficiency in Math and Language Arts Literacy through standardized testing in order to graduate.  These standardized tests could be a passing score on one Math and one Language Arts PARCC (during grade 9, 10, 11, or any combination therein) or another standardized test, such as the PSAT, SAT, ACT, ASVAB, or Accuplacer exam.  Students who cannot demonstrate proficiency through standardized testing (and are not exempt through their IEPs) by the end of their junior year will have the opportunity to submit a portfolio appeal to the NJ Department of Education and may be placed in an additional course in Mathematics and/or Language Arts to develop the contents of the portfolio.
Qualifying scores on the PARCC and on alternative assessments for the Class of  2017, 2018, and 2019 can be found here:
According to the Department of Education, students in the Class of 2020 (9th grade), must take all PARCC assessments for which they are eligible (and earn a valid score) before they are permitted to use any of the substitute competency assessments (PSAT, SAT, ACT, ASVAB, Accuplacer, etc.) or the Portfolio appeals process.  The passing scores for the PARCC and substitute competency assessments are the same as for the Classes of 2017, 2018, and 2019 above. 
If you have any questions about either the assessment or about accommodations for students with disabilities, please contact your child's guidance counselor or case manager.  Please note that the district is required to administer the PARCC to all eligible students in grades 9, 10, and 11, even if students have met the testing requirement for graduation through a previous PARCC exam, through an alternative assessment, or through IEP exemption.  Students who are exempt from taking the PARCC through their IEP will be given the Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) assessment in lieu of PARCC. 
PARCC Sample Assessments and the Redesigned SAT 
More information about PARCC and sample assessments can be found online at
Click below to see how the PARCC test compares to the redesigned SAT, which was offered for the first time in March 2016.  
The Biology Competency Test (BCT) is taken in May by all students enrolled in a first-year biology or life science course. All students are required by the New Jersey Department of Education to take the BCT.   If you have any questions about this assessment or about accommodations for students with disabilities, please contact your child's guidance counselor or case manager.  Students who are exempt from taking the BCT through their IEPs will be administered the Alternative Proficiency Assessment (APA) in Science. 
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