Morris Hills
Regional District

The Morris Hills Regional District is committed to providing multiple learning opportunities for students to pursue individual areas of interest, rigorous coursework, and a focused curriculum to prepare for life and work in the 21st Century.
The Magnet Program
The Magnet Program for Math and Science is a four-year honors program that provides a challenging and focused math/science course sequence where students will invent, design, and conduct original research projects that will yield a cumulative and sound argument. Students will pick an area of specialization as well as free electives from a broad range of other disciplines. The Research Based Analysis course sequence will allow students the opportunity to work with experts in the field while pursuing their individual areas of interest in applied mathematics and science. Students from any of the four sending districts may apply to become Magnet students at Morris Hills High School in their 8th grade year.
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International Baccalaureate Program
The International Baccalaureate Program (IB) is an internationally recognized and respected rigorous course of study focused on international mindedness, concurrency of learning, and community service. Students accepted into the IB Diploma Program will take a series of IB courses in 6 areas of study (English, World Language, Individuals and Societies, Mathematics and Computer Science, Experimental Sciences, and the Arts/Electives) in their junior and senior years. Students from any of the four sending districts may apply to become IB Diploma students at Morris Knolls High School in their 8th grade year.
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The Academy for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering 
The Academy for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering, located at Morris Hills High School, is a rigorous, highly focused four year program for Morris County Students with career interests in mathematics, science, or engineering. Students complete a challenging curriculum and participate in technical internships with partners from business and industry. Admission to the Academy is competitive, with students selected from throughout Morris County. 
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AVID College Prep Program
The AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) Program is a four-year, nationally recognized program for motivated students who wish to take more challenging coursework (honors and Advanced Placement) in preparation for a two- or four -year college but feel they need additional support and individualized attention during the school day. The heart of the AVID Program is the AVID Elective, a 5-credit course that focuses on career and college readiness through tutorials, field trips, career planning, and college admissions preparation. The AVID Program is held at Morris Hills High School but is open to students from all four sending districts through an application process in 8th grade.
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MHRD Program for the Gifted and Talented
The Morris Hills Regional District provides alternatives in acceleration and enrichment to students in all of the six federally-recognized categories of giftedness: general intellectual ability, specific academic aptitude, creative and productive thinking, leadership, fine and performing arts, and psychomotor talents Parents, students, teachers and counselors are invited to nominate students in all grade levels for the wide array of program options. Students who are identified as gifted have the opportunity to pursue their interests and respond to appropriate levels of challenge in traditional and non-traditional academic settings.
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